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Double Sided Quilt As You Go Quilt

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Photo Instructions

This photo shows 6 squares (2 rows) together with sashings between. You will sew all the squares together with their sashings by rows leaving the sashings off the outside edge of the quilt this will be where the binding will go.
You want to add one row at a time and slip stitch the folded sashing down before adding another row. This will help decrease some of the bulk when you slip stitch the sashings.


In this photo you can see the two squares attached to the back sashing and now it is ready to have the front sashing folded over and stitched down. We have separated the squares so you can see the back sashing - when you slip stitch the sashing down you want to be sure that both squares are touching.
As you can see from this method that you can actually complete any block in this method by placing the finished square on top of a piece of batting with a backing on the back and quilting the square. Do this with each square then apply the sashing as instructed in this lesson.





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