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Crafter & Quilter Handy Tip:

If you are an avid crafter and quilter... you will love this great idea - Want to organize your spools of thread or ribbon???

For Ribbon... Submitted by Carol V in New York - Unwind the top of a metal hanger and thread the spools on in color groups.   Rewind the top hanging part and voila... you have instant organization.  When you nee some ribbon, just pull out the pin on the spool, pull off what you need, cut and put the pin back... no mess, no tangled ribbon.

For Thread... Submitted by Kimberly Lainson, If unwinding the hanger is a problem... try using string or yarn.   Thread the string through the spools - all white together, etc. then simply tie with a bow over your closet dowel or hang a decorative dowel from your ceiling.  When you want a spool - untie the bow take a spool and retie.  Or hang each spool separately with a bow and take down as needed.

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