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Y2K Quilt In The Making...Using 2.5" Squares
This is a quilt being made for the Year 2000 (2nd Millennium)
I am swapping fabric with online quilters around the world.  We swap 25 different fabrics in 3" or 2.5" size and 1 signature square the same size.  In order to make the 2000 quilt I have to swap with 80 people.  This is really fun and you enjoy getting mail and even the bills can't get you down! LOL  ~~ So far I have sent and received over 65 for my 3" and 12 for my 2.5".   Bellow you will find the pattern and squares for the 2.5" size and if you want to see what I am doing for my 3" size click here!

This design is called...

Courtenay Crown Pattern
When 4 squares come together they form a square with a 4 pointed star. 

To see a larger view of any of the pictures... just click the one you want to see and it will magically grow! LOL

y2k2 - Norris - Umatilla- OR.jpg (52948 bytes)
Fabric and Signature square from
J. Marie Norris
J. Marie Norris
Umatillo, OR
Signature square  picture  is one of her drawings!

y2k2 - Margaret - La Valle- WI.jpg (59714 bytes)
Fabric and Signature square from
Margaret M. Satterlee
Margaret M. Satterlee
La Valle, WI

y2k2 - Nanci - Attleboro- MA.jpg (41786 bytes)
Fabric and Signature square from
Nanci Tella
Attleboro, MA

y2k2 - Rita - Paducah- KY.jpg (56461 bytes)
Fabric and Signature square from
Rita Seward
Paducah, KY

y2k2 - Suzanne W - Texas.jpg (51298 bytes)
Fabric and Signature square from
Suzanne Wollard
Grapevine, TX


y2k3 - lainson.jpg (48164 bytes)
This is another version of the above pattern - only instead of using the larger triangle pattern... I used squares for the outside boarder.  I probably won't use this version.  Fabric and signature square is mine.
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